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Organic Soap Savers

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The lovely Knotted by Nikita makes these gorgeous soap savers from Organic Nettle & Hemp Yarn. Each one is hand-made and woven perfectly to fit our bars of soap in or your loose soap ends.

They come in two very different materials, both a vital choice for optimising your soap lather!

The exfoliating hemp soap saver pouch is ideal for exfoliation, almost like a Loofah. Friction between the soap saver and skin encourages blood circulation and the shedding of dead skin cells. The pouch is made from organic hemp yarn, handspun in Nepal from the Cannabis Sativa plant.


The Organic Nettle Yarn Soap saver, Made from stinging Nettles grown in the wild in Nepal and handspun in India.

This unique Yarn is green from chemicals and machines, Its extremely absorbant, antimicrobial and antibacterial

Perfect Holiday Soap Pouch too 😁