Our Mission

As women, we have a lot going on. 

We’re all trying to reach a peak in our career, look after families, or trying to start one.

Why make choosing everyday decisions an added stress?

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming and all we need is something simple. A no brainer, something where we can think, “yes, that’s it!” 

At Lily M we want to make choosing your Skincare essentials an easy task where you only choose once and let us do the rest.

But we aren’t just another natural skincare subscription brand. We make our products with you and nature in mind for less than £1 a day.

We carefully select our ingredients ensuring they are Vegan, Natural & Organic, and sustainable. 

We make our products up to 72 hours before delivering them to you, giving you a better impact on your skin with fewer preservatives. 






— Mary Kayitesi Blewitt


Lily M is giving 5% of profits to The Lily M Foundation to help support domestic violence victims and their families. 
Growing up as a child witnessing this, Nisa has created a business that can do more to help now and in the future.