Why Should We Cleanse?

Why Should We Cleanse?

Hey! You know how cleansing is one of the most important things you can do for your skin? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's true. I've got dry, sensitive skin, and I know that when I stick to a good cleansing routine, my skin feels so much better.

So many people think they're already cleansing their skin by using baby wipes or just splashing water on their face before bed and in the morning, but what they don't realize is that these things aren't really removing all the dirt and pollution from their skin. They're just pushing it around—and that makes your pores clog up even more, which makes your skin worse.

When you use a cleansing product like Total Cleanse Balm, you'll feel the difference right away. It's specially formulated to remove makeup and dirt without drying out your skin, and it will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Try it tonight!

Cleanser Balm


Every time I try a new face cleansing routine, it always ends in me going back to this one. That’s a good thing. You know why? Because it works on my dry, sensitive skin and is hydrating enough so that its not stripping my skin but still taking off all of my makeup at the same time – even mascara! And the best part is that there are no harsh chemicals!

If you’ve never double cleansed before, then this might seem like an overkill, but trust me it's not.

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare, and cleansing twice will ensure all makeup, bacteria and pollution from your day is removed from your skin. It also helps to balance the PH levels in your skin along with hydrating your skin with the Prebiotic Boost


My routine in the Evening is always double cleanse, I use the Total Cleanse Balm, remove with a muslin face cloth, then I apply Prebiotic Boost to help good bacteria grow quicker on the skin, Then ill apply Immortelle Glow Moisturiser to help any broken skin cells regenerate over night.


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In the morning, I start with our Charcoal Cleanser Bar. This creamy-based cleanser, activated with water, helps to remove any bacteria, dead skin cells, and the products I applied the night before. The Charcoal Cleanser Bar is a great way to freshen up your skin in the morning. The charcoal in the bar will help to remove toxins from your skin but also just give it a good cleanse to prepare your skin for your daily skincare routine.

My morning skincare routine consists of:

  1. The Charcoal Cleanser Bar or Total Cleanse Balm: cleanses and removes toxins
  2. Prebiotic Boost: helps good bacteria grow
  3. Immortelle Glow Moisturiser: promotes skin cell regeneration
  4. Glow Prep Oil: creates a barrier between your skin and foundation. Keeping pores clear while allowing you to use less foundation.

And ta da! You're golden, ready to hit the pillow and wake up refreshed & cleansed for the day ahead. Every woman deserves to feel hydrated and confident in their skin, without worrying about all that makeup and gunk clogging up your pores, so go get that silky smooth feel you've been waiting for.


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Skincare Routine


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