Immortelle Glow

Immortelle Glow

GLOW UP No3 - Immortelle Glow


This has to be one of my favourite glow up products, apart from being a fan of our brand Pink, I Love the name.

Known before as our face moisturiser, I thought id actually use a name that sums up what it does to your skin. The moisturiser was actually my very first product, that helped my eczema & dry skin, heal to a youthful complexion that it is now.

I spent months formulating this product that would help heal and sooth my skin but also enable it to recover faster as my skin was very broken

The name immortelle glow comes from one of the essentials oils within in the product name, Helichrysum oil, which is the flower known as the immortelle flower. This essential oil is the main body of the scent, combined with bergamot which adds a fruity citrus note.

The Immortelle Essential oil helps to promote healthy skin cell regeneration and a glowing youthful complexion, that also targets dark ageing spots & wrinkles, But the fun doesn't stop there, I've also blended this moisturiser with a marine algae which is one, and I can't stress enough, one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients to help stimulate the skins protein structure.

Basically giving you an "Immortelle Glow!" If you havent yet tried this much loved moisturiser, then grab yourself a skincare starter box and try all our products for just £10 

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