Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 3 August 2022

Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 3 August 2022

Issue 4

I Can not believe it's August already 😳 This year has flown by.

So many achievements for my little business 💖 and still more to come 😁

In this month's issue we will be looking at Uni Skincare Essentials to keep you glowing, some summer vacays that are definitely on my list and of course what's back in stock?! 🤩

I've been in the shop now 6 weeks 😬😱 and it's honestly the best decision I've made. While I write this blog/ newsletter I’m overlooking the river Severn in what I call the best office view 😍. Mark built me this extended window cill so, you guessed it, I spend most of my mornings here reading my book or sipping my coffee watching the water flow downstream and on the weekend watching those on body boards or canoes 🛶 ✌🏽

See the image below just to make you jealous :)

Shrewsbury Lily M

Its the Summer Holidays and I remember when I'd spent those days working full time at McDonald's, not even giving my skin a single thought, so when I arrived at Uni for my first day, let's just say it could have been better, if I took at least one a week to look after myself and my skin, it would have been easier to keep in that selfceare mindset.

However let's not let that happen to you 😁 Now, well I spend every morning and evening doing my skincare routine and every Sunday, I like to have a bigger pamper session 🧖🏽‍♀️

If you're going to Uni and need something that’s simple but also works well on your skin, then have you tried our starter box?

A simple skincare routine that is quick enough to do in the morning and easy enough to do after a few beers in the evening 😬😁

So let me talk you through the steps 😁

First things first, if you're new to using skincare then your skin probably needs a good exfoliation. So of course no better place to start than the Face Polish - Made with recycled coffee grounds and Brown sugar to help you exfoliate your skin gently removing dead skin cells so new cells can grow to make your skin GLOW 🤩 Exfoliate your skin twice a week. Apply to wet skin and massage in well. Removed with a Muslin Face Cloth before cleansing.

Coffee Scrub Cleanser

Next, apply your Total Cleanse. Cleansing your skin daily will help keep your skin free from oil, dirt & Pollution buildup. Our Oil base cleanser helps to remove other oils from your skin, helping improve acne-prone skin. Do this morning and night for glowing results


After Cleansing, apply your Prebiotic Boost - This Toner worked wonders on my very sensitive skin. The Orange Floral water & Chamomile water help to cool and calm skin with added Aloe vera water helps to soothe the skin while rejuvenating and revitalising the appearance of the skin 🤩 In our starter boxes this comes in a small 10ml bottle, so to apply simply pour 3 drops into your hand, rub together and pat on your skin, Leave to air dry but not completely dry...

prebiotic boost

💖 Next step - Immortelle Glow. Apply this when the skin is still slightly damp from the Toner and it will help your skin to soak in the moisturiser better, in turn making it feel more hydrated. You only need a small amount to cover your face. It also doubles up as evening moisturiser, so apply it twice a day 😁

immortelle glow

💖 Glow Prep Oil - apply this after your moisturiser, it helps calm irritated skin, and also just gives you an absolute glowing look, which I loved 💖. The oils blended are soothing and rejuvenating on your skin. You can use this in the evening and morning with your skincare routine, even if you don't wear makeup 🤩 Apply a few drops to your hand, rub them together and massage into your skin

primer oil

Our Berry Lip Balm & Raspberry Seed Sugar Scrub is back in stock 💋

berry lip balm

Made using natural ingredients to help keep your lips hydrated. This duo is perfect to take with you on your travels, 15ml is just small enough to carry but big enough to last for a while 💖 The Lip scrub is made with natural edible ingredients, so if you are not in a location to wash it off, simply lick it off 😁✌🏽then apply our shea butter lip balm with organic Berry flavour to keep your lips soft and hydrated 👄


3 Summer Destinations you might want to book now 😎


Ok so I might cheat a little here, however, I thought id share this with you because some of these destinations look amazing🤩

Im going to list 3 very different ones and hopefully one takes your fancy💖

So the cheating part is, my brother writes these travel blogs and after seeing a few spots on his instance, I knew I had to share 😁

The first one is for those who love a good Holiday Hike 🚶🏽‍♀️ these national parks in Europe are breathtaking, and for some reason, I thought you only get National Parks that look this good in America, How wrong was I 😳 it's on our doorstep 😬

This National Park in Germany looks stunning 😍 now if this doesn't make you book a flight then im not sure what would.

 Next - Greece 🇬🇷  With so many little islands to explore and island hop, it's the perfect place to go and see so many different locations in a short amount of time.

My brother has kindly listed the best place to visit in Greece 😍 - Thanks Ky✌🏽 It's becoming very popular, known for its white buildings, crisp white sand & eating the finest food right by the sea, what more could you ask for for a summer holiday


Last Destination for you those who like to travel a little further to explore and take in every single moment while unwinding on holiday 😁 again he has kindly listed a few places that just look incredible 😍 and please if any of you have been to these places, let me know 😁

Well That's it folks I hope this Newsletter, has inspired you to add more destinations to your bucket list but also helps those of you going to Uni realise, that keeping a skincare routine isn't as hard as you think it is 😁

Our next newsletter will be out in October I will be revealing my Christmas soap selection 🤩😬, These will be limited edition, as ill only be making enough so I don't carry any into next year 😁

If you have any questions at all please feel free to send me a message on social me or via email ✌🏽💖



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