Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 4 October 2022

Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 4 October 2022

Issue 4



I can not believe we are half way through October😳 This year has flown by.

So many achievements for my little business 💖 and still more to come 😁

In this month's issue we will be looking at tips to keep your skin hydrated during these winter months, Our Christmas Gift Box and what you can do to help dry skin🤩

Im Pretty sure last time I wrote this blog is was for our third Issue in August, Its now October and I have no idea where the time has gone. On a positive note I’m up to date with all my Christmas soap making, which has been a huge stress for me since August 😅

Ive got some key market dates coming up, if you’d like to get your hands on some handmade Christmas gifts for your loved ones 🥰 I will be continuing my two markets a month in the square all they way until 17th December 🙂 check the dates below

All markets will be in the Square, Shrewsbury UK

🎄 4th November 9am-3pm

🎄 19th November 9am-4pm

🎄 2nd December 9am-3pm

🎄 16th December 9am-5pm

🎄 17th December 9am-5pm



Christmas Soaps 🎄💖

Ive been working hard beard the scenes to get these 4 different Christmas soap bars ready for Christmas. As it my first year making cold process soaps in the run up to Christmas, and boy has it been stressful 😅

Number id say wasn’t my doting point and trying to figure out how much ingredients I needed and when I needed to start, lets just say took about a month of prime making time to actually figure out 🫣

Ive now worked all that out and up until last week I was flat out making enough soaps to launch with and also cure in time for Christmas 🤪

I had help from my partner in crime mark to name the soaps and I wouldn’t say im the best at that either 😬 I blended all the essential oils together mixed them with the soaps and he came up with the names 🤗 Thank you 😘 So grateful 

I only ever want to use essential oils in all my products, this is because of the aromatherapy benefit you get from smelling or having these applied to your skin 😉 so it was important for me to find 4 different Christmas scented blends that actually made you think of Christmas 🎄

Now I hope we’ve captured this well with the name but also the soap scents 😅 


First up 

3 Kings 

You can't do Christmas without Gold Frankincense & Myrrh, so we combined just those ingredients with warming Christmas essential oils to give you that true Christmas vibe. Made with Cinnamon, Clove & Clementine essential oils - A slight different spin on the Christmas soap we did last year 😁 if you loved that one you’re definitely going to love this one 😍

This bar has a French Yellow Clay hand blended with 3 the Essentials Oils and topped with Natural Frankincense & Myrrh Stones, that seep their scent into the soap during the curing process, then sprinkled with eco gold glitter 💖


Nut Cracker 

I'm thinking mulled wine & spices when I smell this one, made with Ginger, Cardamon, Orange & Cinnamon Essential oils to give you this warming Christmas scent. Blended with red French Clay to give you a deep red soap bar that’s gentle on the skin, then topped with natural dried cloves for decoration. This is one of my new ones and I’m so happy with the way this one has turned out 🤩


White Christmas 

I wanted to do a white soap bar with white French Clay, so when Mark heard that the only name he thought worked well was White Christmas 😁 and then I had to blend the oils to kinda match this name which was hard but I think I’ve come up with a nice medium ✌🏽

I quite like the thought of Juniper berry being a top note for this soap, with the white bar and dark dried Juniper berries on the top 😍 so blending oils that work well together this light Fruity Juniper Berry Christmas Soap is made with a blend of Juniper Berry, Aniseed & Cardamon Essential Oils🎄


Winter Wonderland 

I wanted to do a dark soap and initially I thought of a dark blue, like starry night, but I couldn’t not use the Fir Needle Essential oil that just smells like you’re walking into a pine tree forest picking your favourite tree to take home 😍 Its definitely giving you those crisp winter evening vibes with Pine Trees surrounding you, this fresh But Woody-scented soap is made with Fir needle, Benzion & Tea Tree Essential Oils then blended with a charcoal and French green clay to give it those dark green colours 😍 Each soap is hand made and all colours may vary but don’t they all look amazing together 😍


These 4 soaps will be available form the 1st November altogether in this Christmas gift box, all ribboned up to place straight under the tree 😍🎄

There is a limited availability so please order quick to avoid disappointment 😅🫣


❄️3 Winter Skincare Essentials 🍁

These 3 things I at least do every day to help keep my already dry eczema irritated skin, hydrated and glowing during the winter months 😁

Try these 3 winter skincare tips to help get your GLOW back 🤩


1. Always cleanse your skin in the evening and morning🧖🏻‍♀️

Cleansing will help to remove any oil dirt or pollution from your skin, but will also help to keep the skin free from irritation that's can cause dryness💧Our gentle Total Cleanse balm is perfect for adding natural oils back into your skin but will also help to remove any dirt, makeup oil residue & pollution that’s gathered on your skin during the day 🫣


2. Moisturise 🧴Using a moisturiser will help your skin stay hydrated 💧and create a protective barrier from the cold 💨so your skin doesn't dry out. Our Immortelle Glow is made using powerful skin regeneration ingredients, so its perfect to use both as a night cream and day cream 🤩 The natural essential oils and ingredients like Pomegranate oil and Argan oil help to keep your skin protected and hydrated, use this powerful moisturiser in the evening and Morning after using our Prebiotic Toner that helps reset the PH balance of the skin.


3. Primer, Another important step in your skincare routine is to use a primer oil before applying your makeup 💄 

This will create the perfect barrier between your skin and foundation, protecting your pores from getting clogged up, and later becoming irritated. But our Primer oil will also keep your skin hydrated during these winter months, as its an oil it will keep your skin better hydrated, in fact applying a hydrating face primer oil before makeup can help create a smooth, hydrated base for your foundation and can give your skin a healthy-looking glow.


If this is your first time reading this and you haven’t got a skin care routine then treat yourself to our Starter box and try all 5 skincare products, to help you with your daily skincare routine 😁




Try These few top tips to help your dry skin make a U-turn 🤩

Drink plenty of water

While it’s been a busy week, one thing I try and keep on top of, is my water 💦 consumption. 

Not only does this help with keeping the skin hydrated it will help your skin from drying out when your out and about on these cold winter days. 


Your body is made up of 70% water so it’s important you keep it hydrated, it also plays an important part of your skincare along with diet 🍎

Eating fruits and adding olive oil and avocados 🥑 to your diet will help keep your skin healthy and glowing but also hydrate it 💦


I like to have a glass of lemon water 🍋 and ensure to add salad and fruits in my diet to help keep my skin on top form while I keep on top of my skincare routine for a better glow! 


Take cool showers / Ice Baths

Taking a nice hot bath can be very relaxing and perfect for getting some alone time, I use it to reflect or read books 📚 , however, all this pamper time in a hot bath, can be causing your skin to dry out 😩

 I know, it’s so tempting to have a nice long hot bath or shower during these cold days, but I’m afraid it’s a big no-no! 😬

 Hot water will not only dehydrate you, but it will also strip away those necessary oils from your skin😱

Try having a lukewarm shower or bath and reduce your relaxing time. If you’ve overdone it with the hot water and your skin is irritated and itchy, all os not lost, you can still help hydrate your skin 💦

Make sure to apply a natural moisturiser or body lotion straight after on damp skin to help keep in as much moisture as possible🧴 P.s Coming soon 😉

Also taking ice baths can benefit your immune system and skin ❄️


Eat Well


I know its hard but having a good diet will hep your skin from dryness, eating the right foods and fruit that will help to hydrate your skin is half the battle.

I find if I eat well during the week, when have a few bevs on the weekend my skin hasn’t suffered much at all, but if im eating bad all week and not drinking plenty of water my skin after a weekend of bevs is so dry flakey and basically a nightmare. Is obviously important for me to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated but its not always easy wheyier super busy I get that. But just trying to implement these tree thing into your daily habits will I've you that glowing skin you’ve been wanting 🤩

 As well as having a daily skincare routine your skin will become Glowing without any effort what so ever 🤪

Haven’t yet tired or skincare routine? - Grab yourself a starter box 📦 now via our link in the bio to help your skin glow 💫today and your confidence shine✨

Im going to leave it there, and continue boxing these Christmas gift boxes, (launch 1st November 😁) however if you have any questions at all please feel free to send me a message on social me or via email ✌🏽💖 or even better come and see me in person at the shop - Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 til 4 😎


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