Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 2 June 2022

Delicate Essentials Bi Monthly - Issue 2 June 2022

Issue 2


Come in! We're Open

This issue is a little late, as I wanted it t be the beginning of June, however, I also wanted the news of our grand opening in here 😁

Opening officially on the 25th June, I am pleased to say the opening was amazing, such a good buzz with plenty of positive feedback from the shop look with Prosecco flying and Sushi being devoured 😁

Taking role of host for the night, I did not get to try the Sushi, which im gutted about, but as I got it from our local Sushi independent Umai's (a must visit if you love Sushi) I will be booking a table very soon 😋

Take a look below at the pics from our guests on the night 🥰 If you haven't yet visited, it is a must. Everyone who has peeked their head in says the pictures don't do it justice. I do try my best to get every angle 😬

Don't worry below I have some places to visit on your trip to see me 😃

Lily M Skincare & Soaps Entrance Lily M Skincare & Soaps Shelf











Lily M Skincare & Soaps Shop Front


Summer Must-Haves 💖

As its summer and you're either getting ready for your holiday of partying in the Sun, or just a chilled one with the BF here are some products I found extremely useful when I and Mark took a spontaneous trip to Ibiza, for some Sun & Chills

Me being a skincare owner, of course, I took my skincare Starter Box + Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar.


These Products were an absolute godsend when being in the sun all day and need to take care of my skin in the evening.

So from the skincare Starter Box, I mainly used everything except the Face Polish exfoliator and ill tell you why in a second 😬

My evening routine before dinner would consist of 

💖 Double cleansing with our Total Cleanse Balm. This would help to remove the Sun lotion, and saltwater residue, air pollution & dirt that has blown onto my skin during the day. After double cleansing and removing it with my Muslin Face cloth, Id hop in the shower and use one of my Orange & Hemp Soap Bars, This one is the most gentle on the skin and as id been in the HOT sun all day I wanted something that was going to be kind to my burnt skin.

I say burnt because I & Mark decided to spend our first full day on the beach and we got BURNT!!! so the rest of the holiday was spent covering up and avoiding any sun 😫😫 Lesson learnt 😌 So as you can imagine exfoliating my skin at this point was the last thing on my mind so I avoided this until my skin healed and stopped peeling.

💖 Next step after a cold shower and washing with my Orange & Hemp Soap Bars would be Prebiotic Boost - This Toner worked wonders on my very sensitive skin.

The Orange Floral water & Chamomile water help to cool and calm skin with added Aloe vera water helps to soothe the skin while rejuvenating and revitalising the appearance of the skin 🤩

💖 Next step - Immortelle Glow. Apply this when the skin is still slightly damp from the Toner and it will help your skin to soak in the moisturiser bettering turn making it feel more hydrated. This was also a godsend as even tho id been sweating all day (I mean extremely Glowing) the sun can dry your skin out, so it's important to keep it hydrated which takes us to our next step -

💖 Glow Prep Oil - applying this after my moisturiser, helped calm any irritating skin from the sun, but also just give you an absolute dewy look, which I lOVE 💖. The oils in this Facial oil are so soothing and rejuvenating on your skin you'll feel amazing once you apply it. There's Kiwi Oil, Rosemary Anti Oxidant, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil. All amazing benefits for your skin.

I used this even tho I didn't apply any foundation, it worked wonders in the evening sun.

My Morning Routine consisted of -

💖 Charcoal Cleansing Bar, helps to remove toxins and any build-up on your skin. This is the perfect get-up and go cleanser. Simply apply to your skin rinse off then apply your Prebiotic Boost, Immortelle Glow & Glow Prep Oil

Ready for the day in every way 😍✌🏽



Since I've got more space now to make more lush products, I have extended the range to Bath Bombs. 4 Very different Bath Bombs for 4 very different occasions and feelings.

💜 Lavender - Perfect relaxing baths before bed 😁

🌷 Rose Buds & Lime, a soap favourite with tons of Benefits for your body from the Lime Essential oil

🍊 Clementine & Clary Sage. The Clementine Essential Oil turns this bath bomb into a light yellow colour which looks like Lemon meringue 😍 Perfect for that calm relaxing bath where you've got your book, your doing some meditation and focusing on self-care 💖

❄️ Wintergreen & Peppermint Leaves. if you are sporty like me or athletic this bath bomb is going to be your muscle-aching savour. Perfect for calming and soothing aching muscles, in fact even if you're not athletic but have any aches this is for you too. The Wintergreen Essential Oil is the most natural closest form of pain relief. All the Essential Oils I use, have their aromatherapy benefits that will help you in every way.

We also do this in a luxury gift box for that Bath Bomb Lover 😍


5 Places To Visit In Shrewsbury 

As may know we have just opened up a little Shop/ Studio in the heart of Shrewsbury UK. With this in mind I thought it'd be great to do a post on places to visit if you plan on coming to see my shop 🥰 I know very presumptuous 😁

1. So on the list of course The Parade Itself. Now only when I moved in and had a look round I realised this place has so much history 😲

This Grade 2 Georgian building used to be Shrewsbury's Royal Infirmary Hospital. With stunning views over the River Severn and Shrewsbury Town's Football Stadium, it is a Gem 💎

I won't spill too much because it's fascinating to come and have a look around and read all about it on your tour through these old spooky corridors. Some say it haunted, some have felt/seen spooking happening but I haven't yet experienced anything 👻

It was also pictured in the film A Christmas Carol back in 1984. 😵 I know, it is on the list to rewatch and see it 😬

Now made into apartments that overlook the river and shops below its becoming a trendy place to work and shop 😎


2. The Caste 🏰 Another old Gem💎 in the heart of the Town, This stunning build, has so much to offer. Recently being used for a festival ( Oil to The Fort ) it has a spectacular view from Laura's tower In the evening. if you manage to get up to the top on a summer evening the sunset and views will blow you away.

I managed to get a glimpse of this while at the festival, but be sure there is plenty to do on the castle grounds during the day.

3. The Quarry is another beautiful spot, in the Summer & Winter. Its large green space is used all year round for festivals and families spending the day with their picnic or a book relaxing in the sun or doing their morning run around the river. The Quarry sits by the river so a long walk around the town's loop is also a must which leads down to the weir.

4. There are so many independent food places in Shrewsbury that it's unreal. Each little independent foodie offers something different, so be sure to do your research on what you fancy before booking.

My favourite 3 would have to be Breakfast - Daily Brews do a lush porridge for anyone keeping track of their diet, if not the full English hits the spot. 

Lunch - Dough & Oils Deli board 😋 YES!! I love this place, their Pizza is also a hit your never gonna eat pizza like this anywhere! Delicious🤤 and deffo get the Mac'N'Cheese as a side 🤪

Dinner - My favourite place to go for some quality homemade dishes would have to be Casa Naranjo opposite The Henry Tudor House. It's a Spanish Tapas, a small dish cooked to perfection.

Dot get me wrong there are so many good places to eat, but that's one of my favourites. If you're wanting a look at something different take a look at Original Shrewsbury for their full list of things to do in Shrewsbury. 

5. The Shrewsbury Market hall - Full of amazing little small businesses and eateries, this place has won many awards for Market of the year. This place has a genuine buzz, that will make you fall in love with Shrewsbury. There's a wine bar, Gin Bar, Salad Bar, Coffee Shops and many other eateries that will leave your mouth watering. if you ever find yourself stuck for places to go for food head here and there's plenty to choose from.


I do hope some of you use my short guide for your next visit to Shrewsbury, if you've booked a stay here be sure to get in touch and I can maybe let you know of other places to visit that you may like.

Our next Issue is out beginning of August for sure with more news and excitement about what's happened or going to happen 😁



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