Cleanser Vs Wipes - Why using wipes could be more damaging to your skin.

Cleanser Vs Wipes - Why using wipes could be more damaging to your skin.

Why using wipes could be more damaging to your skin.

Wet wipes marketed as flushable wipes are behind 80% of sewer blockages. Apart from the fact they’re filling up the oceans, lining beaches and generally causing environmental destruction, they’re also really bad news for your skin. So why are they selling bucketloads, forecasted to sell more that £15billion.

The problem is they're super convenient. Easily wipe off your makeup and boom 'Cleansed', so of course these little bad boys are tuff to give up. But do you really know what they are doing to your skin? We think if you knew the truths about using wet wipes on your skin we think you'll switch to a better cleanser.


Wet Wipes don't actually clean your face

Wipes are great as we've said before but they don't actually clean your face as thoroughly as a natural cleanser & water. Most often leaving behind oil & grime which overtime may lead to breakouts, clogged pores and even irritation.


Wet wipes cause Inflammation & Irritation

Wipes aren't particularly skin friendly, they are crammed full of strong drying chemicals, that strip the skin of its natural oils and alters the Ph balance of your skin. This causes inflammation and irritation.


They can age you a lot quicker

Prolonged use of face wipes can lead to dehydration of the skin, as it strips away the natural oils and disrupts the Ph balance. Over time your skin will become more lined, wrinkled, slack and dull.


So what should you do.

If this new information has convinced you to make a switch to a natural daily cleanser and start a skincare routine here's just a few of the benefits you'll get trying our cleanser balm within your skincare routine.


Cleanser Balm - You can use it at any time, cleanser balm isn't just for the morning of evening, you can use it after the gym or even if you having a lazy day in the house, a daily skincare routine will help keep your skin cleansed and dead skin free.

The organic Crambe Seed Oil helps to prevent wrinkles

Organic May Chang Oil, has uplifting and relaxing properties to help ease anxious feelings and clear the mind.

Vitamin E helps to moisturise and nourish your skin, adds to your natural glow and makes your skin smooth and healthy. Vitamin E will also reduce any hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

There are so many more benefits of introducing a skincare routine into your lifestyle, if these benefits have convinced you to start then why not try out our sample box with all the essentials you need to start now.

Sample Skincare Box

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