Prebiotic Toner

PreBiotic Boost Toner

Let me introduce to you our - Prebiotic Boost

So this is our new labelled Toner, now known as Prebiotic Boost. You use this after you've cleansed in the morning or evening, three spritz over the face, then leave to air dry. I chose this name because its actually one of the ingredients amongst many others, that have amazing skin benefits.

Now in a larger 25ml bottle, the prebiotic ingredient helps to promote friendly bacteria on your skin recover & grow faster, whilst reducing the harmful bacteria, in turn restoring the natural bacteria balance on your skin.

It will also create a barrier against pollution and environmental damage, by calming and soothing your irritated skin.

This is combined with Orange water and vitamin B3 which also helps to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the skin's texture. 

If you haven't yer tried our, toner its available in our skincare starter box with 4 other facial products to help you achieve glowing skin at home

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