But first, coffee!

But first, coffee!

Did you know? 

The natural coffee scrub in your Delicate Essentials Box is made using locally-sourced, recycled coffee grounds. Here at Lily-M, we’re not fans of waste, so we’re super happy to have found a sustainable use for this wonder ingredient!

Top Tip

We recommend using this product first in your skincare routine. Gently exfoliate, rubbing into your skin in a circular motion and then wash off with warm water. You can then use your cleanser balm to cleanse your skin and remove any excess oil, dirt or make-up.

It works great as part of either a morning or nighttime skincare routine. But, no matter when you decide to use it, it’s sure to leave your skin glowing and soft.  

Getting to know the ingredients

Recycled Coffee Grounds

The recycled coffee grounds in your scrub are natural exfoliators. Who knew coffee could give your skin a lift as well as your mood in the morning! Coffee grounds help remove dead skin cells, brighten your skin and they’re also gentle on your face!

Moisturising Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil is one of the many beneficial natural ingredients we use in our coffee scrub. Coconut oil is well-known for its skin-enhancing properties. More than just a moisturised, it’s both anti-inflammatory and can even help heal wounds!

Grapefruit & May Chang Essential Oils

Alongside coffee grounds and coconut oil, we’ve also blended in grapefruit and may chang essential oils. We chose them as they’re well known in aromatherapy circles to uplift the spirits, help you relax and calm anxieties.     

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