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Issue 1 of The Delicate Essentials BiMonthly

Issue 1

Welcome to our very first issue of The Delicate essentials Bimonthly 

I wanted to start committing some time to do a newsletter that wasn't just about skincare, but more about me, any news, any tips or just anything I might have to let you all know about 😃 So this very edition will touch on some Huge News for me and Lily M, Spring Skincare Routine for skin that's got a mind of its own, some skincare tips and some product info.

Each Issue will be about something different and of course maybe not even be about skincare but gives you a chance to get to know me a little more.

I hope you enjoy reading and please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see In our next issue which will be out early June 2022 😘✌🏽



📣 Big News 🤩

Lily M HQ

So you've probably heard the news by now, but Lily M is soon going to be opening its very first store. Eeek 😬 I know I'm still pinching myself, I can't believe that I will soon be walking into work every day to Make skincare Products & Soaps as well as serving you lovely customers, who have been a huge part of my journey 🥰 which I'm forever grateful for 😌

If you haven't seen our latest post on Instagram of our new shop, take a look here and leave us a like 🥰


Your Spring Skincare Routine 

Spring Skincare Routine


The spring is great, but it also comes with hay fever, which is a killer for me and my skin. When my skin gets too hot or I get agitated with hay-fever, my skin can sometimes become inflamed and then I get a rash and it starts to itch. It's a continuous cycle of trying to get some sun, and Vitamin D but also keep my skin away from the sun in case it starts to itch.

However since I started my skincare routine during the lockdown, my skin for the very first time in years, actually had little inflammation and for the first time looked so healthy.

My Skincare routine for the spring is my daily essentials; Total Cleanse Balm, Prebiotic Boost Toner, Immortelle Glow Moisturiser, Face Polish Exfoliator, Glow Prep Oil Primer. Before this skincare routine, I would just wash my face with water moisturiser with a cheap brand 😬 I know awful and that would be my daily routine, water and moisturiser. But I was never really washing off the dirt oil or pollution so this was building up on my skin and making it itch, and even flare up and react with pollen that would make my skin worse.

So if you use my skincare products mentioned above that's great if not, Ensure your products are calming to your skin, are anti-inflammatory, keep your skin hydrated and have Vitamin C in. These ingredients will prevent your skin from breaking out during hay fever season but most importantly keep your skin glowing 🤩


5 Skincare Tips This Spring ready for Hot Girl Summer 💖🤩

💖 Keep your Skin Hydrated with plenty of water during these warmer months

💖 Exercise can help to boost blood circulation, resulting in brighter skin

💖 Cleanse your skin morning and night to ensure, oil dirt & pollution isn't building up 

💖 Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells, allowing new cells to regenerate resulting in brighter skin 😍

💖 Now it's warmer having cooler showers shouldn’t be too bad. But having these cool showers can help massively in reducing ageing in your skin.


Immortelle Skin

Immortelle Glow Moisturiser

Keeping your skin youthful is probably one of the most wanted things on the planet 😬 With This in mind, we created a moisturiser that's packed with anti-ageing and youthful ingredients to keep your skin glowing and young.

The ingredients will help to prevent and slow down ageing but we can't guarantee to reverse it, although some customers have said their wrinkles and fine lines have become less apparent 😁

The one main ingredient for anti-ageing is Marine Algae 🐬 This is one of the most powerful stimulating ingredients for your skins protein structure 😯

The main protein within your skin and hair is keratin, This protein has important structural & protective functions for the skin. 

By adding Marine Algae to our Moisturiser, it creates a powerful anti-ageing facial cream that helps to strongly stimulate the production of structural proteins like keratin meaning a more youthful and brightened skin appearance.

If you haven't yet tried our Immortelle Glow Moisturiser, or any of our products grab yourself a skincare starter box to have a deserved pamper night and give your skin some TLC.

Get 10% off your first skincare starter box with code BIMONTHLY0110

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