Its Prime Time

Its Prime Time

Here's how adding a primer oil to your skincare routine benefits your skin and your pocket!

It's time for a bit of product appreciation!

Ever felt like your makeup just doesn't go right? No matter what you do or how you do it? I was totally the same until I added primer oil into my daily skincare routine.

Applying a touch of primer oil to your skin before your foundation can quickly fix your morning makeup drama.

So why use a primer oil?

Facial primers are a literal LITERAL godsend.

If you're heading out when bars open back up and want your makeup looking flawless, I highly recommend adding one into the mix.

Trust me, this one tip will transform your makeup game forever!

The best time to apply your primer is right before you apply your foundation. It'll create a perfect barrier for your foundation, letting it sit flawlessly on your skin without seeping into pores.

Why use a primer oil

Without a primer, you'll actually use WAY more foundation than you need. So, adding one into the mix could save you a fortune on foundation, giving you a little extra to put towards that killer new outfit!


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