Here's how a cleanser benefits your skin!

Here's how a cleanser benefits your skin!


Here's how a cleanser benefits your skin!

Let's face it, most of us crave that natural glow! I spent YEARS trying to work out how I could help myself and my customers get that glow they've been searching for! And, the answer was SOOO simple. Just add a cleanser to your skincare routine! Honestly, it's probably THE MOST effective thing you can do!

Why use a cleanser?

It's TOTALLY shocking, but we actually touch our faces as much as 23 times an hour. Now, just think about what your hands have been up to and what's ending up on your skin! EEK! Well, a good cleanser removes not only your makeup but also that excess oil and dirt buildup you've accumulated throughout the day from all the face touching. PHEW!

Better still, a cleanser balm can also help remove all of your unwanted dead skin cells. If not removed properly and often, these can actually lead to breakouts, dehydration, and premature ageing! Just adding this one ESSENTIAL product to your skincare ritual can have incredible benefits, putting you on that path to natural GLOWDUM!

 Should men use a cleanser balm?Cleansing for Men

We, women, love our skincare routine, but it's also essential for Men to have one! Using a cleanser in the morning and night will remove oil and dirt, helping skin looker clearer and healthier. And yes, the ladies (or men!) will appreciate it!


The best time to use your cleanser

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