Total Cleanse

Total Cleanse

We welcome our 2nd label glow up - Total Cleanse 

known before as our cleanser balm, this mighty jar is your perfect date night companion

Our cleanser does really give you a total cleanse. This is best used in the evening to double cleanse, removing any oil dirt or pollution from the day, If you haven't got your hands on one of our charcoal cleanser bars, then this balm is great to use in the morning to freshen the skin and remove any products from the night before, before apply new products in the morning.

Apart from being a great total cleanse, one of the other reasons I named it this, is because of the essential thats in it.

This balm and its benefits actually help to calm and relax your anxiety, mental thoughts or fuzzy head, enabling you to feel calm and cleansed before bed. The May Chang essential oil, will also help to remove excess oil and prevent ace prone skin, giving you a "Total Cleanse".

If you haven't yet tried our skin care products get your hands on our skincare starter box, packed with our 5 miniatures for you to try all products in your own time before committing to full size

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