Full Circle With Our Scrub

Full Circle With Our Scrub

Here's why a coffee scrub is fantastic for your skin!

At Lily M, we believe in recycling everything we can. That's why our signature Coffee Scrub is made using locally sourced, recycled coffee grounds! We hate waste, so we're SUPER happy we found a sustainable use for them! They're natural exfoliators, making them a wonder ingredient for your skin too! Who knew coffee could lift your skin as well as your spirits!?

Do you exfoliate, mate?

Although you naturally shed skin cells around once a month, they don't always shed entirely. This can cause dry, flaky patches and clog your pores.

 Exfoliating buffs away and removes these dead skin cells, helping your skin look soft, silky, and smooth! Due to the active ingredient caffeine, our Coffee Scrub can also help reduce fine lines, redness, and the dreaded "maskne!"


Coffee Scrub

Should I exfoliate sensitive skin?

Definitely! Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, brighten your skin, and it's gentle when applied! We refine the coffee grounds in our scrub, so they're super fine and soft, making them great for exfoliating sensitive skin.

Nisa founded Lily M as she'd ALWAYS suffered from sensitive skin. That's why she's made sure all our ingredients and formulations are safe on delicate skin.


Coffee Scrub Routine


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