New Look Face Polish

New Look Face Polish


We've been busy bee's updating our packaging and also expanding the business into handmade soaps. But we will tell you more about that later  

Firstly what do you think of our Coffee Scrub makeover?

Yes, I love it too! More sleek and straight to the point.

Made by hand the exact same way just a fresher label to stand out on the shelf. Still using recycled coffee grounds from local Shrewsbury & Wellington coffee shops this might jar is an absolute favourite

Let's take another look at the benefits of using our coffee scrub on a weekly basis, to help improve your skin overall complexion and glow.

Our coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil and vanilla extract, gently exfoliate your skin, buffing away any dead skin cells and promotes healthy cells to grow.

With added brown sugar to help with exfoliation, it also will help to reduce scars and give your skin a healthy glow.

The natural plant derived essential oils have some aromatherapy  benefits which also help with skin complexion, Our May Chang essential oil, has antibacterial properties to help reduce acne on the skin.


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